Philippines Covid variant: What do we know about the new coronavirus strain?


Public Health England (PHE) said it is investigating the new variant, called P3, which carries a number of mutations that have emerged in other forms of the virus.

One of the cases was linked to international travel and the other is still being investigated, said health officials. They did not confirm where either had been found.

“All appropriate public health interventions are being undertaken,” PHE said.

P3 has been designated as a variant under investigation (VUI), rather than a variant of concern.

Some 33 cases linked to the variant were first reported in the Philippines on 9 March. The country now has a total of 98 infections caused by P3, according to officials.

What mutations does P3 have?

P3 carries a number of notable mutations, including E484K and N501Y – both of which have emerged naturally and independently in different variants from across the world.


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