Huawei will start charging Apple and Samsung royalties for 5G technology in phones, smart devices, and cars


Huawei will begin charging royalties to Apple and other companies that use its 5G technology, as a way to gain revenue after challenges in the United States.

As Bloomberg reports, Huawei has the largest accumulation of 5G patents and would negotiate rates and cross-licensing with companies including Apple and Samsung, according to Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping.

It is estimated that the Chinese giant would be set to receive payments of around $1.3 billion (£930 million) from fees between 2019 and 2021, although the company did not specify how much of that would come from 5G technology specifically.

Per-phone royalties would be capped at $2.50 per device, Huawei said. Apple reportedly sold 70 million iPhones globally in the last three months of 2019 while Samsung, the largest Android manufacturer, sold a similar 68.8 million Galaxy smartphones during the same time period.

Smartphones are not the only products Huawei’s patents could see it profit from. The company also wants water meters and smart cars to be subject to rates, the company says.


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