Dominic Cummings blasts Matt Hancock’s department as a ‘smoking ruin’ at height of Covid crisis


The department of health was a “smoking ruin” while trying to run key parts of the response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Dominic Cummings has said.

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser told MPs on Wednesday that the vaccination programme had only succeeded because it was taken away from Matt Hancock’s department.

Citing the ministry’s attempts to procure protective equipment for NHS workers Mr Cummings said it had been a deliberate decision to split off the programme – which has been widely seen as successful.

Speaking at the Commons Science and Technology Committee on Wednesday, the former chief of staff said he and Patrick Vallance had argued the programme needed to be split off from DHSC.

“It is not coincidental that we had to take it out of the Department of Health. We had to have it authorised very directly by the Prime Minister,” he said.


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