Cuomo receives Johnson & Johnson vaccine to promote confidence in jab


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine in an effort to promote confidence among residents for receiving their own jab amid the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Mr Cuomo held an event at Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem, New York – a church that will operate as a pop-up vaccination site for New York City.

Receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was Mr Cuomo’s way of promoting the latest jab to New Yorkers so they’ll receive any option available to them when they’re eligible for a dose.

“Today I’m going to take the vaccine,” Mr Cuomo said during the event. “And I’m going to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because I want to make the point ‘take whatever vaccine you can take.’ They all work, they are all safe, don’t try to pick one over the other.”

The governor also decided to get vaccinated in Mount Neboh Baptist Church because it serves Black residents in New York City and has lost over one dozen members due to Covid-19. Although he’s an essential government worker and could’ve received a vaccine weeks ago, Mr Cuomo said he held off until other minority population groups had access to the vaccine.


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