Biden and Harris keep posting the same photo – here’s why

President Biden is going places – slowly.

At least that’s the impression given by his Twitter feed, where video after video shows him walking in slow motion.

Vice President Harris gets her steps in too. On 27 January, she retweeted the video of herself walking with Mr Biden. In other tweets, she prefers still photos. There are shots of her striding down a tiled floor, strolling with the president and secretary of defence, and simply crossing a street with the caption, “It’s been a busy few weeks. Ready for the next one.”

Why so much walking? Why the slow motion? Perhaps the president and vice president are trying to evoke Martin Sheen’s administration on TV series The West Wing, where aides were always briskly pacing down majestic halls. Or maybe they’re emulating the heroic slow-mo shots of the astronauts in “Armageddon” as they march off to save the planet (although that didn’t end so well for the astronauts).

But if heroic imagery is what they’re going for, it’s been lost on Twitter, where users have panned the walking photo-ops.

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