When will Scotland’s lockdown end? Roadmap, rule changes and key dates for easing


Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland’s Covid-19 stay at home order will be lifted on 2 April and replaced with “stay local” guidance as she out key dates for ending lockdown restrictions north of the border.

Addressing MSPs in the Scottish parliament on 16 March, the first minister said hairdressers and some additional non-essential shops such as garden centres could reopen days later on 5 April.

Ms Sturgeon said that falling infections had left her “the most hopeful I have felt about the situation for a long time”, but warned: “the route back to normality does depend on continued suppression.”

She said the devolved government was aiming to remove travel restrictions and further open the economy by 26 April, with hopes of ending most lockdown measures by the end of June.

A decision on when people can meet indoors has not yet been finalised and time would be taken to monitor how the changes affect the transmission of the disease, the first minister said.


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