Rewilding: Consultation seeks views on reintroduction of ospreys to Suffolk


The Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) has launched a consultation on plans to reintroduce ospreys to the area for the first time in more than a century.

The fish-hunting birds – a type of hawk – were wiped out in southern England during the Victorian period due to long-term persecution, habitat loss and use of pesticides, but the trust, along with other organisations, aims to restore a breeding population in Suffolk, helping it regain its previous range.

While pressures on birds of prey in the UK remain, as they still face widespread persecution, ospreys are particularly slow to move into new areas.

SWT said the reintroduction is needed for this reason.

It said: “Males in particular are very faithful to the location from which they fledged. When a young osprey leaves its nest for the first time and begins to explore its surroundings, the geographical location is imprinted in its memory, and despite flying thousands of miles on migration, most young birds return to the same location and nest site.

“Translocation projects respond to this behaviour by moving juvenile ospreys a few weeks before they fledge to a new location, which will then become its imprinted home.”


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