Public should be ‘really worried’ about new crackdown on right to protest, ex-police chief says


An ex-police chief says the public should be “really worried” about a new crackdown on protests – accusing the government of putting rights “fundamental to our democracy” at risk.

“It’s the right to protest, the right to gather, the right to have a voice is fundamental to our democracy and particularly British democracy,” he told Times Radio.

Ahead of a vote in the Commons, Sir Peter accused the government of “putting in some really dodgy definitions which the police are supposed to make sense of”.

“This weekend has shown the crucial importance of the right to protest and you’ve got to be really wary of more legislation being rushed through just because certain politicians didn’t like certain demonstrations in the summer,” he added.

MPs are set to approve the legislation tomorrow – despite the uproar provoked by what civil liberties campaigners see as an assault on the right to protest and Labour opposition.


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