News Corp strikes Facebook pay deal for Australian news Britain Sky News Australia Apple Google New York


News Corp and Facebook have reached pay deals for news in Australia three weeks after the government passed laws that would make digital giants help cover the costs of journalism.

The New York-based news business that operates mainly in the United States, Britain and Australia said Tuesday it had reached a multi-year agreement with Facebook that covers its major Australian mastheads as well as regional publications.

The pay deal follows a similar agreement struck with Google last month.

Sky News Australia a subsidiary of News Corp Australia, had also reached a new agreement that extends and builds on an existing Facebook agreement, a News Corp statement said.

The deal follows an agreement reached in 2019 in which News Corp U.S. publications receive payment for access to stories through Facebook News.

“The agreement with Facebook is a landmark in transforming the terms of trade for journalism, and will have a material and meaningful impact on our Australian news businesses,” News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson said.


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