Montana recorded more deaths than births in 2020, with Covid the third leading cause in death


Montana recorded more deaths than live births in 2020, according to data collected by the state’s Department of Public Health and Human Services.

A recent report released by the state agency looked at “provisional deaths” in 2020, which are not final and subject to change, and how the data compared to 2015 through 2019 death data. The data showed that more Montana residents died in 2020 than were born, with 12,018 deaths to 10,791 live births.

Based on the data, 2020 would be the first year Montana’s death rate exceeded those born since 1908.

Overall, the death rate increased by 14 per cent compared to the last five years, the report revealed.

One impact on Montana’s death toll was Covid-19, which was the third leading cause of death for the state and contributed to 9 per cent of total deaths. In total, 1,104 Montana residents died from the novel virus in 2020.


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