Marjorie Taylor Greene demands Guam National Guard be sent home after ‘ambushing’ her office with cookies


In a letter to the secretary of defence Loyd Austin, Ms Greene said the “stunt” of the National Guard delivering cookies, after she confused Guam for a foreign country, was part of a dangerous and troubling trend of the armed forces intimidating civilians, harassing Congress members and attacking journalists.

“Guam’s congressional delegate, Michael San Nicholas, leading more than two dozen National Guard troops to ambush my office unannounced and subsequently video record my staff without solicitation or consent,” Ms Greene said.

The attempted cookie diplomacy was in response to Ms Greene grouping Guam in with the United State’s major foreign competitors as she called for the hard-earned tax dollars of Americans to be spent at home in America, not “wherever”, during a talk at CPAC.

The Guam National Guard, for its part, says it remains a “non-partisan entity” after Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Democrats of using troops for “political theatre” in delivering the island’s cookies to her office.

But Ms Greene called on the Department of Defence to withdraw National Guard in the Capitol to their home states, as well as remove the razor wire and ensure members of the military arent’ used as political tools.


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