Judge admonishes QAnon Shaman for ‘blatantly lying’ in 60 Minutes interview


A federal judge says QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, “blatantly lied” when claiming police waved the pro-Trump mob through open doors at the US Capitol.

After ordering Mr Chansley to remain in custody pending trial, senior judge Royce Lamberth released two videos debunking claims made during an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes program, according to Law&Crime.

In a 32-page opinion on 8 March, Mr Lamberth outlines the newly-released videos showing rioters breaking through windows as the defendant walks through an adjacent doorway, identified by his distinct horns.

“The government’s video shows that defendant blatantly lied during his interview with 60 Minutes+ when he said that police officers waved him into the building,” Mr Lamberth wrote.

“Further, this video confirms that defendant did not, as defence counsel claims, enter the building” contemporaneously with the exiting by Capitol Police.” […] Nor did he enter, as defence counsel represents, in the ‘third wave’ of the breach. To the contrary, he quite literally spearheaded it.”


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