Florida woman arrested for hacking school system to fix homecoming queen vote for her daughter


An assistant principal in Florida has been arrested alongside her 17-year-old daughter after they allegedly accessed school accounts without permission to rig a homecoming queen election.

Laura Rose Carroll, 50, an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School, is accused of using her position to access the Escambia County School District internal system to cast fake votes for her daughter, who attended a separate school also located in the Florida district.

The votes were allegedly cast for last autumn’s homecoming queen election at Tate High School, which was won by Ms Carroll’s daughter, who the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) claimed was also involved in the scheme.

Investigators started looking into the election late last year after hundreds of votes were flagged as fraudulent by the district, which had initially discovered that 117 had been sent from the same IP address.

The FDLE has alleged that last summer, a couple of months before the election, Ms Carroll and her daughter used the school district’s student information system to access more than 300 Tate High School student’s accounts.


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