Cyber warfare a key part of UK’s ‘full-spectrum’ defence plan, Boris Johnson to say


Cyber warfare will be a key part of Britain’s armoury against hostile states and terrorist groups, Boris Johnson is due to announce.

The prime minister will set out the contents of an integrated review of the UK’s foreign, defence and intelligence policies next week.

In what has been described as the most important blueprint of the country’s security strategy to be laid in recent history, Mr Johnson will say that high technology has transformed the nature of conflict in the same way air power did a century ago.

He will announce plans for a “cyber corridor” across the north of England, which will involve placing the headquarters of the new National Cyber Force (NCF) in the north, a region where the Conservatives breached the “red wall” of Labour constituencies in the last general election.

Basing the NCF there is intended to generate economic growth in the digital and defence sectors while drawing in the private sector and academia to work with the government on projects. The Ministry of Defence pointed out that military-based enterprises already provided 35,000 jobs in the northwest of England.


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