Man in Malaysia jailed for 1,050 years for raping stepdaughter after case shocks nation


A Malaysian man has been sentenced to 1,050 years in prison and ordered to be given 24 strokes of the cane for raping his 12-year-old stepdaughter 105 times over a period of two years.

“I hope you will repent while in prison. You should not have committed a violent act and although the punishment is minimum, the court feels this is sufficient by taking into account the number of charges against you,” said sessions court judge, Datin M Kunasundary, who awarded the accused 10 years in jail and two strokes of the cane for each rape charge.

According to local news reports, the man, who has not been named and is said to be unemployed, was accused of raping his stepdaughter at a house in Sungai Way in Selangor state in the west coast between the period of 5 January, 2018, and 24 February, 2020.

The court said, while handing down the sentence: “As her stepfather, he should have been responsible for protecting the victim but instead, he destroyed her self-worth. His action will cause life-long trauma to the victim.”

Channel News Asia (CNA) reported that the crime came to light when the girl’s mother brought her and her younger sister to their aunt’s house. The victim’s biological parents divorced in 2015 and her mother remarried in November, 2016.

The man is said to have also threatened and assaulted his stepdaughter.

Recently, Malaysian police said they have witnessed a rise in cases of sexual abuse of children through incest during movement controls put in place by the federal government to control the coronavirus pandemic.


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