Covid: Couple fined after driving 130 miles for ‘Sunday lunch’


A couple were handed fixed penalty notices (FPN) after they made a 130-mile trip to York from Derbyshire in search of a roast dinner.

According to North Yorkshire Police, the couple told officers that one of their mothers was going to cook them lunch on Sunday, but had “let them down”.

So the pair, in their 20s, decided to drive to York in search of a takeaway roast instead.

The force said in a Facebook post: “We know nobody does Yorkshire puddings better than us here in Yorkshire… But they’re really not worth getting into trouble for.

“Driving 130 miles in search of Sunday lunch is not an essential journey,” it added.

Under current lockdown restrictions, people are only allowed to leave home for essential purposes, such as exercise, medical reasons or to buy essentials. People are also encouraged to stay within their local areas to reduce the spread of the virus.

The force shared a recipe for Yorkshire puddings to be made “from the comfort of your own home”, and added: “It’ll be great when we can go out for a Sunday roast with family and friends.”

The post on social media was welcomed by many, drawing comments about how it “brightened an otherwise dull day”. Some people shared photos and other recipes of their own Yorskhire puddings.

Fines for breaking coronavirus regulations start at £200 in England and Northern Ireland, and at £60 in Wales and in Scotland.


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