Welsh Tory leader quits after alleged breach of alcohol ban with Senedd drinks

The Welsh Conservative leader has bowed to pressure to quit after being caught drinking with colleagues, triggering allegations he broke an alcohol ban.

Paul Davies – who had claimed the backing of colleagues to stay in the job – admitted he had “damaged trust and respect” with the people of Wales.

Mr Davies drank alcohol with Tory chief whip Darren Millar, the party’s chief of staff Paul Smith, and former Labour Welsh government minister Alun Davies last week.

An investigation by the Welsh parliament’s chief executive concluded “a possible breach of regulations occurred” and referred the controversy to Cardiff Council.

On Friday – one day after Priti Patel, threatened partygoers in England with £800 fines – Mr Davies had insisted he had the backing of colleagues to continue in his post.

The resignation comes at a bad time, meaning the Conservatives have lost their leader little more than three months before the Senedd elections in May.

Mr Millar has also quit as chief whip, but both men continued to insist they had not broken any rules.

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