‘Experts’ Now Claim You Should Wear TWO Masks, Not One (No, it’s not about science it’s about killing people including children by denying them oxygen and having them breathe in their own carbon dioxide and toxins – the consequences of which they will call ‘Covid-19’) – David Icke

As the science surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, with medical professionals insisting that vaccine recipents continue to wear masks after innoculation and new strains of the virus being discovered almost every week, “experts” are now recommending that citizens wear two masks instead of just one.

A video from Inside Edition has circulated on social media that showcases various experts extolling the virtues of double masking, and insinuates that viewers should double mask to emulate celebrities and politicians.

“President-elect Joe Biden does it, Mitt Romney double-masked during the capitol insurrection, Tom Cruise also double masks,” the narrator intones.

What happens with ONE mask

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