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In Britain the government and media told the public that the National Health Service (NHS) has been overwhelmed to the point of breaking due to high numbers of COVID cases. To ease the pressure a series of expensive temporary hospitals was created across country.

This article shows those emergency hospitals received few if any patients thus showing thre NHS is far from being in crisis.

In London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has now declared a “Major Incident” and say the pandemic  is “out of control.” The mainstream media are predictably ramping up the alarmist hype based on the usual junk science beloved by politicians.

But London’s Nightingale hospital at the ExCeL will have just 300 of its 4,000 beds in use when it reopens next week.

At the start of the ‘pandemic’, seven emergency makeshift hospitals were created around the UK, to deal with the expected large number of patients requiring specialist care. This was done in response to Neil Ferguson’s computer model that predicted up to half a million deaths.

Just as a point of interest, here is Neil Ferguson’s resume:

he cost of creating and equipping these seven Nightingale Hospitals was £220 million.

This is a breakdown of the seven facilities.

NHS Nightingale Hospital London

  • Announced: March 24
  • Opened: April 3 (by Prince Charles)
  • Closed: May 15 after treating just 54 patients

Health bosses are in the process of stripping the London Nightingale of its 4,000 beds, ventilators and even signs.

NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham

  • Announced: March 27
  • Opened: April 16 (by Prince William)
  • Down to standby: May 5

The Birmingham Nightingale, which was erected inside the large halls of the National Exhibition Centre in Solihull, at a cost of £66 million, has 496 beds divided into four wards, which can rapidly increase to 800 beds if needed. If the entire NEC were converted, it could house some 4000 patients.

It Has Not Seen A Single Patient.

NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

  • Announced: March 27
  • Opened: April 17 (by the Duchess of Cornwall)
  • Closed: June 5 after treating zero patients
  • Back on standby: October 12

NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber

  • Announced: April 3
  • Opened: April 21 (virtually by Captain Tom Moore)
  • Radiology outpatient clinic: June 4 after treating zero patients
  • Back on standby: October 12

NHS Nightingale Hospital North East

  • Announced: April 10
  • Opened: May 5 (by Matt Hancock)
  • Down to standby: October 12 after treating zero patients

NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol

  • Announced: April 3
  • Opened: April 27 (by Matt Hancock & Prince Edward)
  • Down to standby: July 6 after treating zero patients

NHS Nightingale Hospital Exeter

  • Announced: April 10
  • Opened in standby: July 8
  • First Covid patients: November 26


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