Militia members gather outside the Georgia Capitol as pro-Trump rioters storm Washington DC

Militia members gathered around the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, as Pro-Trump rioters in DC attempt to take matters into their own hands and prevent Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college win by storming the US capitol.

Supporters of Donald Trump attempted to enter the building to deliver “written grievances” about Mr Trump’s November loss.

Deputy Secretary Jordan Fuchs said: “We heard reports of threats and left immediately”.

This followed a small “Stop the steal”-protest with some participants carrying assault-style weapons.

Drivers passing the protest both honked in support and catcalled in protest.

State troopers watched on from the Capitol grounds.

The group included about 25 people, one of them Chester Doles, a long-time white supremacist and member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Mr Doles got Senator Kelly Loeffler in hot water after she was found to have posed for a picture with him.

People gathered expressed their discontent with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

“We will primary him out. Don’t worry,” Kathy Conley, one of the Trump-supporters at the scene, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “They think we are ignorant but we’re not,” she said.

Ms Conley’s friend Kay Causey said: “He’s a coward or he’s corrupt”.

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