Boris Johnson hopes and Keir Starmer fears that Brexit will go on for ever


oris Johnson won’t have many days like this in parliament, so it was no wonder he announced his intention to re-run the scene of his greatest triumph whenever possible: “We got Brexit done; let’s keep Brexit done.”

He was putting Keir Starmer on notice that he was going to use Brexit against the Labour Party for ever and a day. Starmer knows it, as the permanent wince on his face revealed. So he did what he could to prepare for the assault. He asked his MPs to vote for the deal, because he is good enough at politics to see a couple of moves ahead.

He would rather the Conservatives threw back at him, “But you voted for it,” every time he criticised the terms of trade with the EU, than that they called him a fence sitter, or Keir Abstarmer, or the Brexit obstructionist who couldn’t decide.

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