Peter Hitchens: Belief in the ‘Covid system’ has ‘taken on shape of semi-religious cult’

Columnist Peter Hitchens has criticised the use of taxpayers’ money for coronavirus messaging, dubbing it “propaganda”.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the journalist said: “This has taken on the shape of a semi-religious cult.

“The whole Covid system of thought is now so powerful that people no longer see individuals as individuals but on the basis of how readily they conform to the dogma.”

It comes as coronavirus vaccinations are set to be administered at dozens of hospital hubs, with people aged 80 and older, care home workers and NHS workers who are at higher risk at the front of the queue.

Over-80s have been told not to worry if they are not called for the vaccine this month as the vast majority will have to wait until the new year to receive the jab, a health official has said.


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