Pathologist: 'Mass testing in Liverpool shows testing we have had has failed.'

A consultant pathologist has told talkRADIO the mass testing of Liverpool has proven the original coronavirus tests “failed.”

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Dr Clare Craig said she was initially against the idea of mass testing, but “what’s happened in Liverpool has completely turned the tables.”

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has said more than 44,000 people have taken part in the city’s mass coronavirus testing pilot, which began on Friday. Dr Craig says only 0.5% of those testing were found to be positive.

“What that means is we have a really good test at showing who has definite Covid. It has shown up the testing that we’ve had to have failed.

“Mass testing the whole of Liverpool is not the key.

“We need to be re-testing people who have been misdiagnosed and get the diagnosis right.”


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