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Dan Peña is back. Most of you will know the love-hate relationship I have with my hard-ass, ball-breaking mentor. You’ve seen the castle episode, and many of you tell me your favourite London Real episode is Dan’s first conversation with me two years ago. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I went home after the shoot with my mind reeling.

Quite honestly, I was in a bad mood. Dan had gotten inside my head, which I now realise is his speciality. I knew deep down that I, and London Real, could be a lot more, and it took an angry, old, former oil tycoon shouting in my face to finally wake up to what this show could really become. Despite everything we have achieved in the last eighteen months at London Real – the Academy, the Business Accelerator programme, the Summit – don’t expect this conversation to have lots of “well done Brians”, or “I am proud of yous” in it! Dan gets on my case almost right away.

Just like the first time we met, he has this look in his eye like “Is this it Brian! “I’ve learned to get over the idea of pleasing or satisfying Dan Peña. And frankly, I realise that is not the point. Dan is obsessed with high performance. That’s why, as he tells me in this conversation, he wants success for his mentees more than they want it for themselves. And it has nothing to do with charity and goodwill. As he explains to me, unfulfilled potential just p***ses him off!

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