Waking Up in 2020 – Videos to ‘Rabbit Hole’


Conflict Culture Ultimately Reaches its Critical Mass

Welcome to the Great Awakening of 2020

War, by design. Dividing a population through constant conflict is a strategy developed thousands of years ago, ironically around the same time as the concept of money (currency) was invented into being.  Humans are the only species on earth that must settle a debt simply in order to exist, and the only ones to continually seek fantastically inventive ways of destroying itself and other lifeforms.

Divide and Conquer.  This age old strategy has been used against humanity for thousands of years. Only by keeping humans viewing themselves as ‘different’ and ‘separate’ from each other can they be controlled. Sadly, the result is that life on this planet is under-valued.

Now, in 2020 we’ve reached a critical threshold where the Group Consciousness has started to question itself on a much wider scale.   If you’ve found yourself here, then you probably have questions.  Lots of questions.

For those that haven’t yet found ‘Purpose’ in your lives – its because you don’t actually know what this is, how it works, and why we’re here.    A hint?  You chose all of this.

Now, you get to finally understand Why.


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