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IRONMIND is the story of my challenge to race the Ironman 70.3 triathlon with just 90-days to train on a 100% plant-based diet under the guidance of the hardcore punk icon John Joseph (lead singer of the Cro-Mags). Making this movie forced me to confront the dark demons from my past, including a struggle with drug addiction and subsequent overdose.

I hope this movie will inspire millions worldwide to face their demons head on and heal themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Much love to you, Brian.

00:00 Trailer.
02:48 Brian’s first meeting with John Joseph.
04:50 John challenges Brian to return to face his demons in New York City.
06:53 Welcome to L.E.S., the ABCDs of survival in the 1980s, the future is unwritten.
11:33 Why John has set himself to join another Ironman challenge, and how he prepared a surprise for Brian – no pressure.
15:18 John makes the challenge even harder.
18:42 Introduction to the “washing machine”: under pressure reveals true character, what are you going to do?
20:34 Where John found the most peaceful, satisfying time of his life: what is the meaning of life?
28:26 Samantha Murphy arrives to put Brian through his paces and fight his demons in the process.
35:43 Brian finally unburdens himself by telling his story to John.
45;11 It’s time for you to man up…. John wants to get an answer as to what is it going to be?
46:12 They say forgiveness can’t change the past, but it will determine your future; it truly is unwritten.
47:10 86 days to go, training starts in earnest.
49:06 Customizing the race bike.
50:45 Don’t die on me: a Freudian slip breaks the tension. Mariana turns her skills to vegan cooking.
52:45 66 days to go…. So, people have drowned before, right?
54:31 Charles R. Poliquin says it’s impossible to be a plant-based power athlete. John is forthright in response.
57:51 Rich Roll, ultra-endurance athlete, comes to the London Real studio.
59:51 Brian confesses to Mariana.
1:01:14 There’s more to Ironman than the endurance.
1:03:23 33 days to go: Suddenly, Brian’s not feeling so good, or positive, and he can’t find the way forward.
1:07:01 Dr. Gabor Matey explains why people become addicted to something and gives words of assurance to Brian.
1:14:12 The mosh pit sends a message to Brian.
1:15:11 Brian makes it to 100K: bring on Chattanooga.
1:15:26 Brian wants to do this alone, but Mariana is worried.
1:17:42 The build up to the race with pre-race preparation and advice.
1:22:31 Race day: It’s time for you to man-up. Tell your mind who is the boss.
1:29:45 Jon McMahon interviews Brian.
1:30:29 Congratulations and praise from Samantha and John.
1:31:59 Can Brian and John now just be, or is this the new addiction?
1:35:35 Brian asks John if he will ever be able to forgive those who abused him as a child.
1:37:38 Mountains in the path will just become pebbles that you can kick away.
1:38:34 John’s main message that he wants to share to everyone.


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