Riverdale season 3 spoilers: Cheryl Blossom to find out about shocking ‘incest’ plot? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Riverdale season 3 spoilers: Cheryl Blossom to find out about shocking ‘incest’ plot? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Riverdale is always pushing boundaries and trying new things and this week saw the main cast playing their on-screen parents as teenagers.

The ongoing turmoil of the Gargoyle King has been plaguing the town, and last night saw the first instance of Griffins & Gargoyles’ blue lips death.

While the youngsters tried to find out what was really going on, Cheryl Blossom’s mother Penelope Blossom (played by Madelaine Petsch) explained a dark family secret.

The Blossoms have always been eager to keep the bloodline pure, but Penelope explained she was originally an orphan at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

She went on to reveal her parents requested a red-headed child to adopt to become the sister of their son, Clifford (Trevor Stines).

Although this initially looked like a nice deed by the Blossoms, the truth about their sordid plan was then explained.

Penelope went on to reveal she quickly realised that she was adopted to be groomed as Clifford’s life partner – in order to ensure their family stayed as perfect as intended.

And, as fans know, the plan worked perfectly, as Penelope grew up and married Clifford, and had two children – the twins Cheryl and Jason.

Penelope’s friends Fred Andrews (Cole Sprouse) and Alice Cooper (Lili Reinhart) were a little furious about this progression, causing them to tell her to leave the “incestuous” family.

But Penelope refused, as she called the Blossoms her family.

Although Penelope’s story ended happily with Clifford – before ending in disaster and death – could Cheryl be next to find out about this shocking news?

If she does, will she want to explore who her real grandparents are on her mother’s side?

Alternatively, could Cheryl’s real lineage have something to do with the ongoing murders?

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently spoke out the ongoing mystery, and suggested Betty Cooper could be the person to uncover the truth.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Roberto explained: “The mystery of who is beneath that mask is a big one. I’ll just tease there may be more than one person under the mask.”

He went on to hint: “[The next episode] really shows how deep in the game and its mythology Jughead [Jones] is.

“The dramatic question is how deep can Jughead go without losing himself?”

He concluded: “The answer is he starts to lose himself. I think you really see the promise of that warning fulfilled in the next episode.”

Does this hint at Jughead’s spiral into the fictional game?

Riverdale continues Wednesday on The CW in the US and Thursday on Netflix in the UK.

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