Johnny Vegas weight loss: Comedian on diet plan including this breakfast

Johnny Vegas weight loss: Comedian on diet plan including this breakfast

Johnny Vegas has been seen out in public looking slim.

The hugely successful comedian has been open about his weight loss efforts on social media.

The Northerner, from Merseyside, has been focusing on losing weight.

He even eats a specific healthy breakfast in a bid to lose the pounds.

Johnny Vegas weight loss was made clear on his Twitter account recently. 

Johnny posted a tweet showing off some funny knock-off sliders from “Asidad”.

He wrote to his 357,000 followers: “Mini-me put his foot down and banned me from buying these Adidas knock offs for poolside.

“Asidad….the no1 choice for embarrassing parents who can’t be arsed with branded labels.” [sic]

He wore a black cap and black t-shirt that exaggerated Johnny’s slimmer frame.

Johnny Vegas’s diet breakfast was revealed by on his own social media account. 

The comedian appeared to be eating scrambled eggs, avocado and tinned tomatoes.

Joking with his followers, Johnny wrote: “It’s a far cry from a Thatto Heath fry up….ooh you’ve changed Vegas.

“Apologies fellow tweeters, busy of late and treating our chats like a bacon butty, sadly an all too rare a treat of late x” (sic).

One fan wrote: “You’re looking amazing, Johnny!”, with another commenting, “Good for you buddy, keep it up – you look well.”

Another weight loss method used by many is apple cider vinegar

One study showed that those who took apple cider vinegar consumer 200 to 275 fewer calories that day.

Burning more calories than you take in leads to weight loss.

Another study has shown that taking apple cider vinegar causes the stomach to empty at a slower rate.

This leads to feeling fuller longer, which is helpful for dieters trying to stave off hunger pangs.

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