Death and Nightingales on BBC: Viewers TURN OFF Jamie Dornan drama in frustration | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Death and Nightingales on BBC: Viewers TURN OFF Jamie Dornan drama in frustration | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The BBC period drama is a highly-anticipated three-part story which takes viewers back in time to Northern Ireland.

Starring Jamie Dornan and Ann Skelly as the two potential love interests, the characters’ romance is a slow build that begins with some cow herding in the countryside.

But as the first episode got underway, many viewers struggled to both understand the thick Northern Irish accents and were both confused and frustrated with the slow-building storyline.

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts on the brand new drama.

“That was terrible, like a heavily sedated Poldark #DeathAndNightingales,” one person wrote.

Another stated: “#DeathAndNightingales: confusing, incoherent, clichéd, disappointing.”

A third refused to hold back, saying: “F**k me this new Jamie Dornan show is pure and utter dung #DeathAndNightingales.”

“No idea what they were saying but very grateful for an hour of Jamie Dornan #DeathAndNightingales,” a fourth joked, followed by: “Love a historical drama but this is SO slowwww #DeathAndNightingales.”

Another viewer added: “@BBCTwo #DeathAndNightingales seriously can’t watch this it’s too slow.”

Not everyone felt the same, as plenty of viewers, particularly fans of the original book, were impressed with the producers translation from page to the screen.

“@anngnnskelly @MatthewRhys #DeathAndNightingales brooding, beautiful and a dash of Keats. Right up my alley. Is Billy Winters dastardly or misunderstood?” one person commented.

Another gushed: “Loved the first episode of #DeathandNightingales. Intriguing, so atmospheric, quietly intense and every shot a thing of beauty. Great performances all round #hooked.”

“Enjoyed #DeathAndNightingales tonight, quietly mesmerising. Stunning performance from @MatthewRhys, showing what a versatile, intelligent actor he is, nailing the Northern Irish accent. Well done everyone involved,” a third enthused.

While a fourth had a question to ask, beginning: “Absolutely loved the first episode of #DeathandNightingales it was worth the two day wait from being released in Ireland! The whole cast was amazing.

“Jamie was so great as Liam! @anngnnskelly is an incredible actress! One scene I need to ask about. Did Jamie fall out the boat?”

The series, which is set in the 1880s, reunites 50 Shades of Grey actor Jamie with his former producer Allan Cubitt.

It follows Beth Winters whose plan to escape her stepfather Billy (Matthew Rhys) with the mysterious Liam Ward (Jamie Dornan) comes to fruition on her 23rd birthday as decades of pain and betrayal come to the surface.

Dense and potent, Death and Nightingales takes place over a 24 to 36 hour period, punctuated by flashbacks.

Death and Nightingales continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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