Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe BETRAYED by trusted ally | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe BETRAYED by trusted ally | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Sally Metcalfe (played by Sally Dynevor) learned she would be kept behind bars for four years on Wednesday night’s installment of Coronation Street.

The former Mayor of Weatherfield also discovered she would have to pay back the £40,000 council charity money, which Duncan Hadfield (Nicholas Gleaves) framed her for stealing.

Meanwhile, Duncan was handed a much lighter sentence, with his punishment given in the form of 200 hours of unpaid work.

However, the mother-of-two was dealt another cruel blow when her sister Gina Seddon (Connie Hyde), tried to get close to her husband Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) while she served jail time.

Phoning home to speak to her sibling, Sally told Gina she was devastated following the judge’s sentencing.

“I am so sorry, Sal. He twisted my words,” an apologetic Gina replied.

Responding, Sally said: “[Tim] accused me of having an affair. The last thing I need right now is my husband calling me a liar.”

Trying to reassure her, Gina added: ”I just think he needs to process everything. You know what he’s like.”

“You know what the really upsetting thing is, I need him more than ever right now,” Sally snapped.

After Gina lied to Tim, who believes his wife had an affair with Duncan, telling him Sally does not what to see him.

A furious Tim hit back: “She’s got a nerve that sister of yours. I’ll give her what she wants. No contact.”

In later scenes, Gina was seen carrying a bag when she told Tim she planned to leave the home he once shared with Sally.

“It’s for the best, I’ll be in touch,” she explained. “I’ll get a room inside and I’ll be in touch.”

Refusing to let her walk away, Tim insisted: “The only place you’re going is back inside with me. Come on, love, I can’t get through this without you.”

Their unusual interaction left some fans of the ITV series questioning Gina’s loyalty to Sally and whether the two would have an affair.

Taking to Twitter, one angry viewer wrote: “Gina is such a bad person, telling Tim that Sally doesn’t want to see him. Pushing them apart.”

Another commentator groaned: “Poor Sally, she gave two faced b**ch Gina a roof over her head when she should have kicked the nasty b**ch out. Vile piece of trash.”

A third fumed: “Sally NEVER actually said she didn’t want to see Tim did she, so Gina totally twisted it for her own gain, so much for “Family Loyalty”.”

Someone else remarked: “Poor Sally! Her own sister stabbed her in the back too.”

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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